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Spiro Adamopoulos is an economist who has worked at the highest levels in government and private enterprise. Spiro commenced with the Australian Public Service providing advice on a range of financial and policy issues following a period working in the cotton industry. Recently, Spiro worked with officials in Westminster to develop strategies for the management of animal health following the UK’s foot and mouth disease outbreak in 2001. Spiro was instrumental in showcasing Australia’s animal and plant disease response agreements to UK Ministers, farming organisations and European Union member states. Spiro helped compile these agreements. In 2006 Spiro presented the work he had undertaken with the UK Government in Brussels to all EU Member states and subsequently at the Animal Disease Showcase in Ottawa. During his time in Westminster in 2005, Spiro participated in the Rosemary Radcliffe review of the UK levy system and was called on to provide advice on potential changes.
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Importantly, Spiro implemented a range of agricultural levies and as business manager for the Levies Revenue Service in the Department of Agriculture facilitated the imposition of animal disease levies to protect Australian farmers from the cost of disease incursions. Following the equine influenza outbreak in Australia in 2007, Spiro assisted the horse industry to find an appropriate medium commodity which could be used to levy the horse industry to meet the obligations of the disease response agreements. Spiro was also instrumental in coordinating similar arrangements for the plant industry.
Spiro feels strongly about the way levies are imposed, collected and spent on behalf of farmers and continues to champion the cause of levy payers to achieve equitable outcomes from their levies. Through the Agricultural Levies Institute of Australia, it is envisaged that the experience and knowledge gained in dealing with agricultural issues will assist Australian farmers in ensuring that farmers get the most from their levies. In this way the Agricultural Levies Institute of Australia can be ‘Partners With Producers’.
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